"Sexual healing is not about rapidly indulging sex, denying sex, running away from sex, or even overcoming the desire for sex. It is about accepting sexual drive as part of your nature, as the base notes to your higher symphony. Yes, we are sexual beings, but we are more than just that - sexuality is just one aspect of who we are. " - Dr. Judith Orloff.
Disconnecting our self-worth as a sexual being from other’s validation starts with finding comfort and confidence in our own sexual self.
When having a conversation with Alaina, we both agreed that our religious upbringings hindered the way we view sexuality and ourselves. Growing up in a Christian home taught me to feel ashamed for having sexual thoughts and desires. Having traumatic sexual experiences taught me that I was just a body to be used by men and societal expectations would reinforce that notion. Once I started to re-educate myself, I started to heal and come to a place of peace. I am a highly sexual and sensual being... We all are. I no longer hide a part of who I am. I have surrendered every part of myself to myself and I have never felt more liberated.
Model: Alaina Dalita
Instagram: @alainadalita

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